• Aims of Our School

Harwell School Vision:

At Harwell School our vision for your child is to help them to develop a love of learning, along with the skills and the ways of thinking to excel at whatever they choose to do in the future.

To provide a happy, caring, safe and secure environment which encourages and stimulates children to learn and to achieve their full potential.

  • To provoke and sustain children’s thought in every part of our curriculum
  • To be a community which cares about every aspect of children’s lives; and help them to grow in self-esteem to become independent and responsible people
  • To have high expectations

To work in partnership with families in all aspects of their child’s education

  • We welcome the participation of families in every aspect of the school and endeavour to communicate with them at every opportunity

To teach a broad and balanced curriculum which suits the needs of each child and encourages them to do their best

  • Help children to expand their knowledge, deepen their experience and enrich their imagination through the delivery of our curriculum and other learning opportunities
  • Recognize children’s different interests, abilities, learning styles and enthusiasms and take account of these differences to ensure they are given equal educational opportunities
  • Recognize that all children have their own special needs and where these are not met through the normal course of teaching and learning, make special provision

To work with families in teaching children moral values and life skills to enable them to become a respected member of the community

  • To increase children’s self control and strengthen their self-esteem and regard for the needs of others
  • Help children reach an understanding and appreciation of the social and cultural world in which they are growing up and to teach them tolerance and respect for the differences
  • Help children to explore religious beliefs and practices and to develop their own religious outlook
  • Work together with the wider community as an integral part of the village and surrounding areas

To involve the whole school community in the development of Harwell Primary School through the School Raising Achievement Plan

  • The School Raising Achievement Plan sets out what we hope to achieve within our vision for the school
  • Provide value for the money invested by the wider community